Posted on Iul 24, 2013

MIRA TELECOM has presented the relevance of the SafeCity project at the “Smart City – Future City – Connected City” conference

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Foto: C@M Magazine

Bucharest, July 23rd, 2013:  MIRA TELECOM attented the “Smart City – Future City – Connected City” conference, organized by C@M Magazine at the end of June. The event brought together both private and public companies from Romania and United Arab Emirates, as well as public partners and associates interested in identifying opportunities to transform Bucharest into a smart city. The participants have discussed ways of changing the capital into an innovative city, with sustainable development. A parallel between Bucharest and Dubai was brought to discussion with the prospect of cooperation in the IT field, for building smart cities in both states.

Within the conference, Silviu Ciobanu – Software Development Manager at MIRA TELECOM held a presentation regarding the usage of the experience gained into SafeCity project, newly completed. SafeCity was a project with european funding trough the FP7 Program (Seventh Framework Program for Research and Technological Development), where MIRA TELECOM participated together with a consortium of 14 international partners (further details can be found on the project website

The project’s aim was that of making Public Safety services significantly smarter through tighter integration with communications infrastructure as well as using cloud services as public services in the context of Future Internet. A few representative European cities were chosen within the project for analysis: Stockholm, Madrid, Óbidos, Bucharest, Helsinki and Athens.

At the end of November 2012, „Decision Support System” – the application developed by MIRA TELECOM within the SafeCity project, has been successfully tested in Stockholm. The scenario involved installing, configuring and running a SafeCity system, which was able to offer a real time overall image of the event (a train derailment) based on the information received from the sensors installed in the tunnel, using the applications developed within the project. On that occasion, the police, the firefighters and the ambulance in the Swedish capital acted in a simulated disaster situation with toxic gases, which involved the evacuation and medical care of approximately two hundred people.

The application developed by MIRA TELECOM – „Decision Support System”, was run in the virtual environment, being accessed by the operators from the command center via internet and offered the operators all the necessary information, in real time.

The second test for the project that took place in Madrid, on March 2013, presupposed a total of eight different applications which interact together, through “cloud” architecture. The SafeCity project thus collects, analyzes and shares information captured by security cameras in real time and automatically. 

SafeCity project’s experience reveals that it is possible to improve public safety services through the use of Future Internet technology, in order to make citizens feel safe in a protected environment.

The presentation held by MIRA TELECOM representative can be viewied here.

MIRA TELECOM ( – a company with 100% Romanian private capital, founded by Stelian Ilie, President of the Group – started its activity in 1998, with radio-communication equipment distribution. Services diversification has represented the basic principle in the company’s evolution. MIRA TELECOM is today a complete provider of  security, IT and telecom services. In the recent years, the company has heavily invested in security technology research. The company has recently finished the construction of its own research center which was equipped with high tech lab equipment and software platforms